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We have combined efficiency with protection and comfort at work and during leisure activities for 20 years We have a portfolio of work overalls, PPE and industrial material with added value in the services provided.

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We pursue every movement at work to be as safe and comfortable as possible. We make production processes efficient thanks to complete provision of overalls, PPE and industrial materials for work and leisure activities. We have comfortable B2B portal, optimal logistics and a comprehensive service offer. We keep moving. We are always here for you, from professional products to servicing and customer support.


Our company has a 20-year history.


We cooperate with more than 200 international companies.


We have over 5,000 products and keep expanding our portfolio.

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We even supply products and provide services outside the Czech Republic.
Thanks to our comprehensive care, efficiency, safety and comfort are ensured far beyond our borders.

Number of products 2000–2022

Number of employees 2000–2022

Storage area 2000–2022


Across industries


DYKENO products

Products from our modern and sharp brand not only meet the top requirements for comfort, design and protection at work.

Combination of comfortable wear and safety This is DYKENO Work & Safety. Products that protect at work and not only meet legal requirements (OHS), but are also comfortable. Quality, design, function and ergonomics for any environment, whether working outdoors or indoors.


Complete protective and work overalls, gloves, eye protection, hearing and breathing for safety and health protection at work.

DYKENO Tech innovates your production. Technical products made based on experience and testing in technical operations, tested by practice and supported by years of experience. We develop products to facilitate production in any industry and common operation.

DYKENO TECH products

Tapes, industrial cleaning, grinding materials and tools, tools for job-order or series manufacture across industries.

DYKENO Premium guarantees TOP quality and design. Clothes making you feel great at work or during leisure. DYKENO Premium features functional clothing and products with universal and practical use.


Leisure wear and accessories combining comfort, function, attractive appearance and style.

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